Company Info

Telegra is an Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technology provider that develops, delivers, and supports software ITS solutions (Traffic Management Software, Video Based Incident Detection and Traffic Analysis, Tolling Software) and specific ITS hardware (LED Dynamic Message Signs / Variable Message Signs, Controllers, Emergency Road Telephones, Weather Stations, Automatic Vehicle Classifiers).

Telegra is a privately owned EU based limited liability company. Company was declared twice the best mid-size company in Croatia. Company has wide global network of local partners. Telegra is the owner of the companies Telegra Inc. in USA and Telegra India Pvt. in India.

Telegra's staff consists of 150 highly qualified employees dedicated solely to delivering Intelligent Traffic Systems to be used by road infrastructure owners and operators, including specialized engineers and technicians.

Development and manufacturing facilities stretch over 7.300 m2, and consists of various specialized segments:

  • Software development lab with hardware setup for traffic management centers,
  • Research and development facilities including fully equipped electronic laboratory for hardware development and optical laboratory,
  • In house production, assembly and test line for production of modular variable message signs that includes bespoke production machines,
  • In house electronic component assembly, and test line,
  • In house line for assembly and testing of electrical components and final products, manufacturing of wired forms, wiring of various racks, frames, and cabinets,
  • Fully equipped mechanical production plant with metal bending, cutting, welding, fine metal finishing, CNC workstations and thermal paint chamber etc.,
  • System integration department:
    • IT network design and control center design,
    • System design, preparation of execution, as built, system and product documentation,
    • System integration, configuration and testing facilities for comprehensive testing of complete systems,
  • Maintenance and support department.

Specialized resources and interdisciplinary personnel are the basis of Telegra's process model of ITS project implementation, which has proven in practice to be optimal in terms of costs, duration, and fulfillment of client expectations, and which is based on the principle of phased and agile implementation in six main steps - execution documentation, contracting, realization, factory testing, delivery, actualization.


Clients are focus of everything we do. Together with them, while respecting the highest standards of excellence, we create systems tailored to their specific needs. Our products (systems and services) are professionally designed and implemented with the exclusive aim of Customer's satisfaction and its needs. We offer our clients system and software design, development, implementation and support throughout its life span.

We make great efforts to ensure today that our current line of solutions and products is “future ready” and compatible with ITS solutions of tomorrow, such as connected vehicles, automated decision support systems, integrated corridor management systems, smart cities, nationwide hierarchical traffic management systems, etc.

This focus on continuous innovation is a part of our corporate culture and is one of our core values. Our system incorporates advanced technologies for information retrieval, analysis, prediction, storing, visualization, and dissemination.

This culture, along with three decades of experience and direct contact with our clients (consultants, ITS designers, supervisors, and operators), resulted in development of numerous improvements and innovative solutions that are helping our customers to better perform their core tasks (traffic and incident management, tolling), reduce their operating costs and improve the quality of their services to the benefit of the community they serve and respond to.