Presented Challenge

Due to lack of suppliers who can supply complete/integrated solution, many companies are experiencing problems. They are trying to find adequate partner who can fulfil their requirements, such as:

  •  Deliver robust, reliable and durable complete ITS products and system fully customized for their environment,
  •  Centralized and direct control of all implemented subsystems
  •  Investment which protects client from high operating and maintenance cost.

Within few months from initial meeting we are capable to supply that and much more.

The systems are custom designed according to Client’s traffic design standards, approved by relevant government authorities if required and are operating at extreme environmental (heavy traffic, pollution, specific tunnel conditions, corrosive atmosphere, etc.) and weather (-40°C to -80°C temperatures, snow and ice, extreme sun, salty atmosphere, sand storms, etc.) conditions.

All implemented subsystems (core products like Dynamic Message Signs (aka LED Traffic Displays or Variable Message Signs), Roadside Controllers, Emergency Telephones, etc. and all third party subsystems) are fully integrated into Telegra's premium core systems topXview™ Complete ITS software platform (traffic management software including premium video management and video automatic incident detection) which provides centralized control of all equipment and ensures high level of automation and fast reaction to any event or accident.

The system features very high reliability and availability (more than 99%, just like all equipment, produced by Telegra).

Our experience in providing complete ITS solutions for highways and tunnels with more than 5.000 kilometers of highways and 170 km of tunnel projects ensures well thought systems in terms of safety while unmatched utilization of infrastructure will be provided to your benefit.

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Delivered Value


Control over ITS ensures clients to obtain the best products on the market: Telegra's own software and key hardware components (Dynamic Message Signs, controllers, automatic vehicle classifiers, etc.) complemented with meticulously selected and proven third party equipment.
Through served double control our clients had reduced project management costs by getting all equipment from one supplier. That ensured long term control of their investments.


The systems are custom designed according to Client's traffic design standards and approved by relevant government authorities. All delivered equipment is subject to rigorous certification process. The customization made to all specific of Client's design requirements are confirmed by relevant certificates and test reports obtained for Telegra's entire line of products, such as NTCIP/NEMA TS-4/UL in USA, CE in European Union, GOST-R certificates in Russia, ASFINAG standards in Austria, etc.


Integration of all implemented systems through topXview™ software platform (e.g. traffic management software) ensures high level of automation and fast system response to any event or incident. This maximizes optimum use of the highways, reducing travel times and costs of incidents.

Systems operated through topXview™ are intuitive and highly automated requiring only 1 operator, thus the costs of personnel in control centre can be reduced 2 or 3 times comparing to competition.


Intuitive design of Telegra equipment (such as modular NextGen Dynamic Message Signs) ensures fast and easy servicing – replacement parts can be exchanged in only few minutes.

Maintenance costs are reduced up to 80% comparing to classical technologies.

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Client's Evaluation

Our clients are extremely satisfied with our solutions from the first day of system operation.
Here are some of their statements:

  • all equipment, services and system functionality provided on time
  • the whole project was within the agreed budget
  • excellent and professional training
  • fully satisfied with system reliability and support

All of our clients share the same positive experience with Telegra's solutions. They are all very pleasantly surprised by Telegra's contribution to the development of safe and innovative traffic management systems and dedication to the excellence. Telegra's commitment was recognized and awarded by many professional associations. Telegra is winner of many awards, from awards for innovative and global achievement to the award for the safest European tunnel.

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