Presented Challenge

Tolling process was a big challenge and created many problems on various system levels to companies worldwide.

Majority of the companies have several issues with tolling systems they have, which results in reduced revenue:

  • Leakage at different levels of the system
  • Not achieving expected revenue (one of the main reasons is inadequate classification accuracy) 
  • System Inflexibility 

Such companies need a system that will be able to prevent leaking through being able to track each transaction from start to finish, without any chance of losing transaction somewhere in the process. The client also doesn't want to be dependent on the tolling system provider any more, as they have to be able to parameterize and configure the system themselves. Particular emphasis is to have much better precision for his AVCs (Automatic Vehicle Classifiers) since wrongly classified vehicles are obvious revenue loss.

Telegra has fulfilled and delivered such requirements to clients on more than 200 toll lanes.

First lanes and plazas were opened for tolling in 2012 and, until this date, none of the transactions on roughly 250 lanes implemented have been lost in the system and Telegra's AVC scored the accuracy of 99,7%. The flexibility and openness of the system is such that not only the Client can parameterize the system or create generic report but can even add new equipment by them without a need to contact us.

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Delivered Value


From toll lane to the clearing house, Telegra provided all components for all levels of tolling system, with most accurate automatic vehicle classification system (99.7%). With all equipment integrated in the control center, clients got full configurable toll plaza management system.


With 99,7% vehicle counting accuracy in toughest environments, and proven 100% anti-fraud solution, revenues are secured and increased. With TollWay™, Telegra's own tolling software platform, tolling was demystified.


They got excellent and professional training of personnel who are now full capable of operating and maintaining the system. Local support (as for all our clients) is guaranteed 24/7.

Risks for Client without Telegra

RISK: Biggest threat to any concessionaire is exposure of your revenue. The level of threat is directly correlated with the automatic vehicle classifier’s precision use.

TELEGRA: Maximizing revenue during complete concession period is done through:

  • Increased revenues due to high classification accuracy (frauds due to down-classification reduced up to 90%) 
  • Reduced annual incident processing costs (incident caused by wrong classification) 
  • Lower annual maintenance cost due to system’s reliability 
  • Eliminating cost of later adjustments and parameterizing as the system is fully configurable 
  • Longevity of the system – Telegra tolling system is built for period of at least 20 years

RISK: Tolling process can contain numerous weak points causing concessionaire to lose the money. Leaking (bleeding) is the biggest problem for any concessionaire today. It happens on various levels of the system and threatens concessionaire’s financial results

TELEGRA: 100% fraud protection - leaking (bleeding) is prevented throughout the system by using several differentiating methods:

  • Real time transaction processing 
  • Integration with Weigh-in-Motion system 
  • Alarm management – system raises alarm on any unexpected behavior on the toll lane 
  • Integrated License-Plate-Recognition system 
  • All equipment events and toll collector activities related to the toll transaction are recorded into the system 
  • and much more

RISK: System and software suppliers sell their off the shelf systems which “can do everything” based on their marketing material but have numerous functional limitations.

TELEGRA: Meticulously designed document will be defined during contract preparation phase and system will be implemented strictly based on the approved design. Once the client has confirmed the system, Telegra shall built exactly that and will verify it on the FAT and later SAT

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Client's Evaluation

Our client reports its full satisfaction from the first day of systems operation. Following is the extract from our Client's testimonial:

  • ...all the above mentioned systems are functional and working to our satisfaction...
  • ...we are fully satisfied with the reliability of the system/equipment and support...

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All of our clients share the same positive experience with Telegra's solutions. They are all very pleasantly surprised by Telegra's contribution to development of safe and innovative traffic management systems and dedication to the excellence. Telegra's commitment was recognized and awarded by many professional associations. Telegra is winner of many awards, from awards for innovative and global achievement, to the award for the safest European tunnel.

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