Tollway - a complete solution for the toll system

Telegra’s Tollway billing system is the result of many years of experience in managing the traffic on the highways, and intensive communication with the operating and management personnel of various concessionaires worldwide and practical understanding of their requirements and as a combination of high-tech hardware and software into an integrated whole and thus shows as one of the optimal solution to meet most customers' requirements. In addition, the system is built on a modular basis and prepared for further expansion and construction of new components in order to provide support for the rapid and efficient development of new functions in accordance with user requirements for more frequent changes.

In particular, it should be noted that the Tollway system provides high configurability of all components in striving for concessionaire independence, so that the vast majority of functions can be implemented by simply adjusting the system configuration. In this sense it can be said that the Tollway is not only a toll system, but also a tool that allows users multiple settings ranging from performance tuning fine tuning system parameters to, for example, defining the supported device types, methods of payment, planning a wide range of price options or even defining classes and categories of vehicles for toll collection by authorized personnel at concessionaire. This ensures user’s independence in using the system and reduced customer attachment to the Telegra development team, which was observed as a common practice that system vendors use to tie concessionaires with their product and disable access to competing suppliers and thus ensure their monopolistic status at the customer.