Structural parameters

Structural performance is proved through calculations based on either US (AASHTO - American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials) or European (EN12899) standards. The standards take into account geographic location of the project and provide reference performance values that have to be proven with calculation.

Simulations and calculations made according to AASHTO and EN12899 are done for construction elements of a sign as well as for the entire sign.

Both standards proscribe conditions under which simulations and calculations of structural elements or the whole sign will be calculated or simulated.

Simulation (calculation) is done for wind gusts and static loads.

Wind gusts are the critical loads for the sign because sign is a big surface exposed to wind strikes of different strength depending on geographic location. Both standards proscribe calculations that need to be done and factors that have to be considered.

Static loads are other loads that signs have to withhold. Those are snow loads, sand loads, snow or sand drifts caused by road cleaning or storms, etc.



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