Dynamic Message Signs Performance Parameters

Working Environment of Dynamic Message Signs

The working environment for DMS is relatively harsh: temperature fluctuations, various types of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, etc.), high CO2 levels, extensive heat, dust, etc. The equipment is expected to last in this exposed, corrosive environment for a minimum of 10 years. It is essential that all materials and manufacturing processes take this into account.

Dynamic Message Signs Performance parameters

VMS performance parameters are defined by NEMA TS-4 and EN12966 and are grouped in classes. The parameters are:

        • Legibility parameters
           - Luminance
           - Luminance/Contrast ratio
           - Viewing angle / Beam width
           - Color
           - Uniformity of visual performance
           - Visible flicker
        • Environmental parameters
           - Resistances against corrosion,
           - Temperature
           - Enclosure protection (resistance to water and dust penetration)
        • Structural parameters
           - Resistance against impacts,
           - Resistance against vibration,
           - Wind loads
           - Dynamic loads
           - Temporary deflection by bending
        • Electrical parameters
           - Electrical performance,
           - Electromagnetic compatibility



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