Video Management System

If there is a single system existing in any traffic control management center it is a video management. Video management should be much more than just enabling operator to watch cameras deployed by the road – and it is often impossible to watch the picture from all cameras simultaneously.

Video management should be much more than just enabling operator to watch cameras deployed by the.  It should be a scalable and open video platform enabling the management of all aspects of digital video content inside the system. This includes:

  • Video walls,
  • Live video feeds,
  • Pan/ Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) control,
  • Continuous video recording,
  • Video playback and export,
  • Video equipment configuration,
  • Video keyboards,
  • Motion detection,
  • Video Incident Detection (VID),
  • Traffic counting,
  • Alarm/event recordings and metadata engine.

Video subsystem should provide seamless integration with all existing system components and subsystems. The most important system components subsystems to integrate with are alarms, event management, triggers, database logs and alerts reporting.

Implementing the standard video protocols enables users to control various types of video equipment (cameras, encoders, VID cards, network recorders, etc.) through uniform, programmable and intuitive user interface. Any number of client applications (including external) can connect to the system and request both live and stored (recorded) video streams.  In addition, all video equipment can interoperate with all other subsystems in the system and vice versa. This enables the implementation of a powerful, automatic alarm/event/trigger reactions and complex incident management scenarios.



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