Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS)

Modern Traffic Management Systems are full of technology and as such need to be maintained properly. To help doing it Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) provides asset and maintenance activities records. It is designed to help Maintenance Program supervisors and managers manage all maintenance resources efficiently and effectively.

Integrated Maintenance Management System enables supervisors to record, schedule, and track progress on maintenance work; provides reports and management information useful in maintenance quality measuring.

Asset Management Interface

Commercial Asset Management System, if used by an operator/concessionaire to assure maintenance management of all of the equipment within Traffic Management System, cannot function without connection (interface) to a Traffic Management System. The main functionality of Asset Management is management of equipment and assets, planning and executing different types of interventions (such as preventive or corrective maintenance), planning of interventions on the equipment from the system, follow-up of the state of functioning of equipment and automatic detection of deficiencies.

Asset Management System interacts with the rest of the Traffic Management System and continuously monitors all configured equipment. It also forwards alarms to Asset Management System when equipment malfunction occurs, enabling automatic start of intervention planning.

Through topXview™ GUI operators can report failures (per device), begin and end preventive maintenance (per device or subsystem) and open external User interface (WEB based) which provides Asset Management, together with maintenance related statistical reports.



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