Tailor the Platform

Design Own System

In order to take control of the system extensions, one must have the right tools for it. A design tool, integrated in the system, allowing the user to, easily and intuitively, create custom extensions of the existing system. The extensions can range from editing existing equipment, to create own new road sections, etc.

Designer module should be a powerful tool that enables users to update the system with new traffic routes, sections and individual objects, or adjust the existing ones to their needs. The large library of existing and already integrated devices enables easy selection of appropriate views and detailed configurations.

Design Own Processes

Using the system and its automated procedures (aka scenarios) means inevitably one will want to change things from time to time, to add reaction of the system to that sign, half-a-mile before a tunnel, or to change automatic message to be displayed in case of fire. They might like to introduce temporary closure of exit from the highway and existing procedures are senseless now. The only solution is to have a tool to design own processes.

Operator should choose any of the existing scenarios for editing, or add new ones on the fly. The scenarios are displayed in a graphical diagram form, making their editing a very easy and intuitive drag and drop task.

Design Own Reports and Graphs

Reports and graphs are typical example of “if-I-would-only-be-able-to” syndrome. Everybody needs another column, new filter or query. It is impossible to foresee all of the future needs of various system users or third parties. The only way to accommodate this need is to have a tool that enables report and graph editing and creation.

Report  Designer  enables  the  user to independently edit the existing, or create new reports and graphs by using any of the data stored in the database. Wizard-like process guides the user through a self-explanatory graphical interface, step by step.



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