Company Overview

Telegra is an Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technology provider that develops, delivers and supports software ITS solutions (Traffic Management Software, Video Based Incident Detection and Traffic Analysys, Tolling Software) and specific ITS hardware (LED Dynamic Message Signs / Variable Message Signs, controllers, Emergency Road Telephons, Weather Stations, Automatic Vehicle Classifiers).

Clients are focus of everything we do. Together with them, while respecting the highest standards of excellence, we create systems tailored to their specific needs. Our products (systems and services) are professionally designed and implemented with the exclusive aim of Customer's satisfaction and its needs. We offer our clients system and software design, development, implementation and support throughout it’s life span. By using our systems, Clients are able to better perform their core tasks (traffic and incident management, tolling), reduce their operating costs and improve the quality of their services to the benefit of the community they serve and respond to.

We make great efforts to ensure today that our current line of solutions and products is “future ready” and compatible with ITS solutions of tomorrow, such as connected vehicles, automated decision support systems, integrated corridor management systems, smart cities, nationwide hierarchical traffic management systems, etc.

This focus on continuous innovation is a part of our corporate culture and is one of our core values. Our system incorporates advanced technologies for information retrieval, analysis, prediction, storing, visualization and dissemination, such as AI, Data Fusion, Big Data storage and retrieval and Cloud computing.

This culture, along with more than two decades of experience and direct contact with our clients (consultants, ITS designers, supervisors and operators), resulted in development of numerous improvements and innovative solutions.

Unique Experience

  • All-In-One ITS/ATMS Company
  • Almost 30 Years in Business
  • Over 40 Countries on 5 Continents
  • Over 5.000 km of highways
  • Over 200 km of tunnels
  • Over 100+ ATMS systems worldwide

Continuous Innovation for ITS/ATMS market

Complete Systems, Complete Service

  • An Advanced Traffic Management System that helps Traffic Managers to reduce and eliminate congestions and increase safety on their roads.
  • Technological expertise, "design", production, tuning, delivery, testing and commissioning support of a complete integrated traffic and safety management system in tunnels, realized at the highest EU and world standards, based on 20 years of experience in realization.
  • Integrated Corridor Management and Decision Support Systems - system for complete set of ICM measures, that can be implemented over existing traffic control centers, and existing legacy systems.
  • Reliable, stable, robust and safe tolling system securing a safe flow of money and preventing theft and malpractice.
  • Dynamic Message Signs / Variable Message Signs - new generation of NextGen™ signs maintain the gap at the top
  • Custom-Made ITS/ATMS Products (Emergency Road Telephones, Weather Stations, Automatic Vehicle Classifiers etc.)
  • Smart City ATMS
  • Worldwide 24/7/365 Support
  • Experienced Engineering base of ITS/ATMS development and implementation specialists