Supports Traffic Operator With Relevancy, Accuracy, Efficiency And Simplicity

Congested with data, events, duties and responsibilities

Traditional traffic management center systems overload traffic operators with unfiltered, unprioritized data from sensors and data about events. Humans are not capable to process such a huge load of unprocessed data. Because of that, TMC operators are not able to predict congestions and detect fast enough genuine incidents.

topXview™ Decision Support Software analyzes and qualifies data from all sorts of sensors and data sources connected to TMC, combines them, and visualizes the state of traffic in real-time to Operators. It detects incidents and predicts possible changes in traffic flow 

The real-time traffic state awareness empowers Traffic Operator to start preventive traffic management actions to prevent congestion and prevent escalation of an incident

Necessity for accurate and prompt decisions

Any incident or disruption in optimal traffic flow can easily grow into catastrophic congestion and total traffic chaos.

Unsuitable traffic management strategy, incorrectly prioritized incident management or late response can lead to this chaos.

TMC operator has limited time frame for his decision to choose and start optimal strategy.

Workflow based topXview™ Decision Support Software leads Traffic Operators through the process of choosing and evaluating possible strategies for traffic and incident management, simulates outcome of considered strategies in real time, and helps Traffic Operator in accurate and prompt decision making.

Simplified and accelerated resolving

Every Agency’s desire is to become capable for resolving incidents quickly and efficiently.

Agencies will be successful when they will have efficient operating procedures and their personnel will be able to implement them easily.

Simplified operational management of incidents allows Traffic Operators to stay focused on decision making and make better decisions.

topXview™ Decision Support Software can easily store all Agency’s operating procedures, strategies, response plans in its preprogrammed library. That way, it leads Traffic Operators with workflow based response plans through their decision-making process.   

The entire process is stored in database and Traffic Planners and Engineers can easily analyze outcomes, modify their procedures, response plans and strategies, and constantly improve quality of TMC work. The same feature also allows simple, one click distribution of reports to all systems

Entire process managed from the single cockpit

With topXview™ Software, traffic operator does not have to watch in parallel to different workstations with different graphic interfaces and understand different operation logics for different subsystems and functions (CCTV, DMS, traffic counters, management dashboard, etc.), as he had to in traditional Traffic Management Centers.

Instead, topXview™ Operator has the same “look and feel” while conducting any segment of his job.   

For traffic monitoring, topXview™ indicates real-time traffic conditions with different colors (based on flow and incidents) on roadway/corridor map on the screen. When system detects an incident, it’s location is indicated on the map, live video-feed from the incident location is shown on the map, and Operator’s attention is focused on that incident so that he can estimate its severity. Workflow-based incident response plan with suggested responses is always started in the same way. Dashboard with all response plans and strategies in progress is always sorted and presented to operator based on their priority.

Support’s TMC Operations From Start To Finish


topXview™ Software features almost all communication protocols used in ITS/ATMS industry today so he is able to collect data from all sensors and sources of data connected to Traffic Management Center (traffic data, weather, video, other agencies and services, etc.). 

This raw data is then qualified and synthetized into relevant traffic information about traffic flow, congestion and incidents, and visualized to Traffic Operators in ergonomic way on interactive roadway map. In parallel, Traffic operator has incident manager dashboard that is a part of monitoring GUI, to be able to monitor resolution of incident response plans

That way, Traffic Operator is monitoring traffic and all its changes in real-time, having complete awareness about the traffic in his network.


A set of different algorithms in topXview™ Software constantly analyzes information and detects disturbances and incidents.

Traffic prediction module analyzes actual traffic flow and its modifications in correlation with actual events in network, and warns about the risk of congestion.

Built-in algorithms for congestion detection and prediction based on traffic data (such as California, Marz, etc.) assure that contemporary traffic know-how is always at Traffic Operator’s service. 

topXview™’s Artificial Intelligence based XAID™ system for analysis of video detects in real-time traffic incidents out of CCTV streams with highest accuracy and reliability of all similar systems in traffic industry.


After it detects incident or congestion, and puts it to Traffic Operator’s focus, topXview™ will offer one or more suitable response plans from his library of predefined plans and strategies for Active Traffic Management (ATM), Incident Management (IM), planned special events, work zone management.

To support Traffic Operator’s decision making, topXview™ will simulate and visualize in real-time outcome of strategies and response plans Operator is considering. This way, Operator will choose the most suitable response for given incident.

Execution of response plans (incident management and execution of chosen traffic strategies) is carried out through workflow driven plan of actions. At any time, Traffic Operator is aware of the state of each response plan and what is the next step. This assures uniform and accurate incident management at the Agency level.

topXviewTM truly interconnects all systems. All systems can communicate with one another so there are no limits for response plans, triggering messages on DMS, implementing traffic plans, etc. alleviating Operator’s workload.

Reviewing and Improving

The Software stores all events, changes and Operator’s actions in database. Reporting capabilities enable Planners, Engineers and Operators to analyze offline how incidents were handled and response plans executed, and make operational improvements based on this analysis.

Operational improvements are entirely under TMC Planner’s control. Software’s interactive tool for creating and parametrization of response plans and strategies allows TMC Planners to easily create, modify and tune response plans for different ATM strategies, such as speed harmonization, hard shoulder running, ramp metering, lane management, etc.

Reporting tool is used to create predefined and customized reports required for Agency’s internal and external reporting procedures. Any kind of report can be pulled up by a touch of a button: (traffic density, speed, what triggered DMS messages, who issued commands, what strategies were started and by whom, what kind of congestion and where occurs most often, etc.)

topXview™ Software Platform - The Nerve Center of TMC

The Traffic Management Center – TMC (also known as Traffic Control Center – TCC) is the nerve center or the hub of most freeway, corridor or tunnel management systems. It is the place where data from the system is collected and processed, fused with other operational and control data, synthesized to produce "information", and distributed to stakeholders (media, other agencies, traveling public, other stakeholders, modal interests).

TMC staff uses this information to monitor the operation of the traffic network and to initiate control strategies that affect changes in the operation of the traffic network.

It has the critical role in the successful operation of a traffic management system (and perhaps the broader surface transportation network)

Just like it is impossible to use hardware resources of any computer server without operating system and proper software applications, or process big amounts of data without proper database engine, it is impossible to have efficient TMC without proper TMC software platform.