topXview™ – Complete Traffic Management Software Platform

topXviewTM is complete software platform for Traffic Management Centers (TMC). It is all-in-one, ergonomically designed software tool for traffic managers and other TMC staff to perform all their traffic monitoring and management activities.



  • 100+ implementations around the world on highways, tunnels and in cities, on major ITS and infrastructure projects, including Olympic Games, National Network of Tunnels and Highways, Airports, Expressways, etc
  • Supports Institutional, Operational and Physical Integration of all stakeholders
  • Allows traffic managers to focus on traffic and incident management strategies rather than operating numerous individual ITS devices and non-integrated sub-systems
    • All-in-one tool for ergonomic overview of condition and intuitive management of all incidents and events in the traffic network
    • Strategies for traffic and safety management
      • Active Traffic Management (ATM) and Incident Management (IM)
      • Planned special events, work zone and road weather management
    • Tools for design and real-time simulation of strategies
    • CCTV management and recording optimized for traffic control centers
    • Native Automatic Video Incident Detection (AVID) engine - XAIDTM
    • Native support for Connected Vehicles (CV) program - CViewTM (patent pending technology)
    • Plug-in interfaces toward most of the existing ITS/ATMS field systems and urban traffic control systems
    • Multi-hierarchy application – for Agency-wide and State-wide systems
    • Operation in standard, cloud and virtual environment, with all existing video wall manufacturers
  • Platform editions:
    • Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Software Edition
    • Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) Software Edition
    • Tunnel Management Software Edition - integrates ATMS and SCADA tunnel management


topXview™ Software Platform - The Nerve Center of TMC

The Traffic Management Center – TMC (also known as Traffic Control Center – TCC) is the nerve center or the hub of most freeway, corridor or tunnel management systems. It is the place where data from the system is collected and processed, fused with other operational and control data, synthesized to produce "information", and distributed to stakeholders (media, other agencies, traveling public, other stakeholders, modal interests).

TMC staff uses this information to monitor the operation of the traffic network and to initiate control strategies that affect changes in the operation of the traffic network.

It has the critical role in the successful operation of a traffic management system (and perhaps the broader surface transportation network)

Just like it is impossible to use hardware resources of any computer server without operating system and proper software applications, or process big amounts of data without proper database engine, it is impossible to have efficient TMC without proper TMC software platform.

topXview™ - New Dimension of Operability for TMC managers

topXview™  True Integration in which all systems are integrated into the same Traffic Management Software platform, enabling complete:

  • Institutional Integration - bringing together different agencies and departments within those agencies
  • Operational Integration - ensuring the institutional integration is supported by well-organized and open flow of information and processes throughout the system
  • Physical Integration - presenting (displaying) all different systems in one, unified, easy to navigate and easy to understand component

Information Dissemination

Combination of Perfect Ergonomics and Functional Efficiency
topXview™ is a traffic management software platform based on experience and expertise in designing and developing the integral traffic control systems over many years. Its core is an open architecture and superior GUI design.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

Unified display of objects and their status is clear and intuitive which simplifies and expedites the operator's control center training.

Full Control over Executive and Management Infrastructure
Apart from the technological elements of the subsystem, topXview™ platform allows the monitoring of control center's communications and IT infrastructure, as well as the main communication routes.

Premium Video System Integrated in the Platform

topXview™ CCTV module is a high-end video surveillance system that allows complete ergonomic and functional video integration into control system.
Being natively integrated, this module is in complete functional connectivity with topXview™ platform automation module. This ensures that video surveillance system is under complete control of automated sequences and automation algorithms. In an incident situation, automation module helps the operator assess current situation on the road and make adequate actions.

Video Automatic Incident Detection Module is Natively Integrated in topXview™

The premium feature of topXview™ CCTV module is video incident detection module that allows wide range of application such as: statistical analysis of traffic including vehicle classification, Traffic incident detection, Fire/smoke detection, Detection of vehicles with dangerous cargo, etc.
Being natively integrated in topXview™, it enables fastest, most configurable and most reliable responses to visually detectable incidents.

Travelling Through the City Becomes Predictable and Enjoyable
Public Transport Management application and Parking Management application are the basic components of topXview™. ITS platforms, designed especially for urban areas, will enhance travelling through the city; make it more reliable and enjoyable.

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Alarms – Base for Safety
Alarm Management Module is responsible for creating and editing alarms in the system. By enabling the user to create and edit own alarms based on any combination of information from the sensors or subsystem info (i.e. dense traffic and wet road) factors it enables full utilization of road infrastructure and serves as entry point to resolving various road situation.

Situation and Incident Management – Comprehensive Tool for Handling any Situation on the Road
Situation and Incident Management Module enables handling any situation or incident during system operation. This concept ensures that each operator reacts in exactly the same manner, thus reducing the possibility of human error to a minimum and providing the fastest response time. More info here.

Design Your System and Processes

All scenarios are saved in operational database and can be deleted, copied or edited using the Scenario Designer module.
Scenario Designer enables creation of new or edition of existing scenarios in pure graphical form.
Dynamic development of traffic infrastructure poses a challenge in building a new or upgrading an existing traffic control systems. Suite of designing tools allows the user to tailor the platform to their needs thus providing unmatched flexibility.

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topXview™ Urban Suite

Use the synergy provided by complete integration of all of your ITS services

City centers are limited in space and significant improvements in road infrastructure are impossible. Mobility is an essential foundation for progress of modern civilization. topXview™ implements the ultimate functionality required for setting up the efficient and intelligent environment for urban traffic management. This includes completely integrated urban management systems providing information sharing, automatic interaction between systems, efficient traffic management and efficient incident management, which will finally lead to smoother and more efficient and coordinated city traffic. Situation Management is the uttermost requirement for a city traffic management. Today it implies a high level of integration of implemented systems in order to make situation management more efficient and faster.
Control Center Staff need an efficient and interactive tool for situation management through automatic procedures execution. topXview™ traffic management software provides a complete management interface for any urban sub-system and integrates their functions in common management environment. It does not duplicate existing functions of particular subsystems, rather upgrades and complements them – in addition to common subsystems shared among interurban, tunnel and urban suite such as Traffic Control and Management or CCTV module, most important modules specific for urban traffic management are:

topXview™ implements adaptive management of intersections or integrates existing adaptive systems (for example SCATS) thus enabling operation of traffic management plans as a part of situation management system. Information available from existing systems (for example traffic density and fl ow) will be used for travel time prediction or public transport.

TRAVEL TIME INFORMATION - based on available traffic data, topXview™ uses its own algorithms based on neural networks to predict travel times and allows dissemination of these predictions on information displays that are part of the system, or public web site.

topXview™ Public Transport Management module combines automatic Vehicle Location and Identification system, Fleet Management system, Contactless Payment and Ticketing system, and Traveler Information system.
Automatic monitoring of vehicle arrival at the destination based on the timetable supported by accurate predictions of the required travel time enables the public transport selective prioritization management which is the basic prerequisite for the optimization of public transport without effect on private transport.
The statistical data monitoring (counting and tracking the number of passengers in each vehicle, average waiting time at the stop, etc.), together with the off-line data processing and report creating, is the integral part of the application that puts topXview™ Public Traffic Management at the top of most-wanted systems in the industry.

PARKING MANAGEMENT - topXview™ Parking System Management module capabilities include monitoring and reporting the current and projected parking availability, statistical data analysis, and parking lot capacity planning. topXview™ platform integration concept allows for continuous prediction of the number of parking spots available at each parking lot based on the arrival and departure trends and the time it takes the information to get from the parking pace to the display at the entrance. Integrating existing and future parking systems, regardless of the manufacturer and communication procedures, is quick and easy due to topXview™ platform's universal communication modules.

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Highway Suite

Two most important tasks for today’s Highway Traffic Management are to enable safer and more fluent traffic through comprehensive utilization of infrastructure.
topXview™ traffic management software provides a complete management interface for any interurban subsystem and integrates their functions in common management environment.

Highway suite encompasses modules to operate each subsystem deployed by the road though that modules are only base of the system, as full capability is achieved through integration.

In order to completely utilize traffic infrastructure and capitalize on it by increasing safety and smoothness of traffic flow, a number of complex services based on interaction of different subsystems should be used, and they are available in form of topXview™ modules:

  • Alarm Management
  • Incident and Situation Management
  • Ramp Metering
  • Traffic Harmonization Services
  • Algorithmic Traffic Flow Incident Detection
  • Automatic Vehicle Location
  • Travel Route Management
  • Public Information Web Service
  • Maintenance Management
  • Centre to Centre (C2C) Communication & Coordination

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Tunnel Suite

Unique approach of same topXview™ platform being use both for Traffic Management System (TMS) and traditional Tunnel SCADA (e.g. “Power SCADA”) enables full utilization of infrastructure through integration of all subsystems thus increasing tunnel traffic safety and enabling smoother traffic. This principle also avoids integration conflicts between two platforms traditionally used (TMS and SCADA) thus directly reducing implementation time and cost.

Tunnels present an increased hazard environment even in ideal conditions. Today’s tunnels safety management standards require complete integration of all installed traffic and safety subsystems, having a reliable emergency situation response system. Tunnels solution based on topXview™ platform features extensive support for integration of all existing tunnel systems enabling centralized management and prompt reaction to any unexpected incident. Advanced system tools (alarm management, incident detection, interactive situation and incident management, designer tools, premium video management, etc.) show their best in demanding tunnel applications providing the user with the most efficient means of achieving superior security that is expected in today’s tunnels.

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topXview™ - Public Web Interface

topXview™ - Public Information Web Service - Traffic & Travel Information System

topXview™ Traffic & Travel Information System (TTIS) enables public access to traffic information over the Internet.

Public information web service is an easy way to share useful traffic information with public as it can be accessed from any location that can launch a web browser. This service ensures that any traveler has an instant access to a piece of traffic information relevant to its travel route right in time when needed.

Information is displayed on the internet in real time and includes a subset of information from the traffic control system like traffic density by area, warnings, meteorological data, and other.

The data provided is grouped in two categories: public data and protected data. Public data like traffic density, current messages on Dynamic Message Signs, meteorological data, CCTV stream or images, travel warnings (e.g. road works, road incidents) are available to the public via the Internet.

More detailed data including capability to administer the web page by adding and editing information (info categories, content, type, level of warning etc.) is reserved for authorized personnel.

This service provides to authorized administrative personnel an easy tool for remotely performing needed operational and administrative tasks in a fast manner. Support has never been easier than now by having interface that can be accessed from any location in the world without any additional tools needed.

Live link to one of topXview™ Traffic & Travel Information System web interface:

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