topXview™ – Complete Traffic Management Software Platform

topXviewTM is complete software platform for Traffic Management Centers (TMC). It is all-in-one, ergonomically designed software tool for traffic managers and other TMC staff to perform all their traffic monitoring and management activities.

  • 100+ implementations around the world on highways, tunnels and in cities, on major ITS and infrastructure projects, including Olympic Games, National Network of Tunnels and Highways, Airports, Expressways, etc
  • Supports Institutional, Operational and Physical Integration of all stakeholders
  • Allows traffic managers to focus on traffic and incident management strategies rather than operating numerous individual ITS devices and non-integrated sub-systems
    • All-in-one tool for ergonomic overview of condition and intuitive management of all incidents and events in the traffic network
    • Strategies for traffic and safety management
      • Active Traffic Management (ATM) and Incident Management (IM)
      • Planned special events, work zone and road weather management
    • Tools for design and real-time simulation of strategies
    • CCTV management and recording optimized for traffic control centers
    • Native Automatic Video Incident Detection (AVID) engine - XAIDTM
    • Native support for Connected Vehicles (CV) program - CViewTM (patent pending technology)
    • Plug-in interfaces toward most of the existing ITS/ATMS field systems and urban traffic control systems
    • Multi-hierarchy application – for Agency-wide and State-wide systems
    • Operation in standard, cloud and virtual environment, with all existing video wall manufacturers
  • Platform editions:
    • Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) Software Edition
    • Advanced Transportation Management System (ATMS) Software Edition
    • Tunnel Management Software Edition - integrates ATMS and SCADA tunnel management