NextGen™ Dynamic Message Signs / Variable Message Signs

NextGen™ is top of the class, eco-friendly and low power DMS technology that does not require periodical maintenance, manufactured by Telegra, one of the world's leading innovators and manufacturers of DMS technology:

  • Reduces cost of ownership up to 60% during lifetime,
  • Its building block is a waterproof (hermetically sealed) module – casing for all electronics and optics,
  • Eliminates all major functional and mechanical problems of traditional signs,
  • Fast production for large scale projects,
  • EN12966 certified,
  • Perfect legibility and clarity in all conditions (sunshine, shade, night time, rain, snow, etc.),
  • Thin, aesthetical and visually pleasing,
  • 20 years, 15,000 units, 35 countries, 5 continents,
  • Used for all kinds of Dynamic Message Signs (DMS) - Lane Control Signs (LCS), Variable Message Signs (VMS), Variable Speed Limit Signs (VSLS).


Demonstration Video


Product brochure: NextGen™ DMS