Product Overview

Roadside controller is the element of traffic management system that integrates (physically and/or logically) ITS field devices on local, field level. It serves as communication, processing and electrical hub for connected devices: executive elements (such as displays, lane control signs and various other Dynamic (Variable) Message Signs), data sensors (such as Weather Sensors, Vehicle Detectors, Over-height detection devices, etc.) or other ITS sub-systems (CCTV cameras, Weight-in-Motion, etc.).

Telegra provides roadside controllers designed and built according to various international and national ITS standards, or customized per specific Client’s requirement, integrating ITS devices and sub-systems in most cost-effective way.

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Globally Recognized

Telegra's roadside controllers have been recognized by leaders in the industry:

  • Used in more than 20 countries worldwide
  • Used as a part of Austrian and German TLS systems
  • Central part in some of the most integrated European tunnels - runs safety algorithms of some of the safest European tunnels according to Euro TAP tunnel safety assessment program
  • Used as a part of NTCIP system across USA
  • Used as a building block of ITS systems on Russian Highways
  • Fully approved as per Qatari national ITS Standards and used in Qatar’s ITS systems
  • Proven in operation for more than 15 years
  • Provides modularity in complex systems - logically and physically
  • Reduces system testing and commissioning time by 50%

Designed for Integration

  • Full Traffic Management System integration on field level - in-field full integration of the systems using direct field bus connections
  • Versatile executions for open road and tunnel
  • Versatile connectivity options
  • Versatile interfaces - compliant with all protocols (TCP/IP, NTCIP, TLS, PROFIBUS, MODBUS, XML-OPC, various industrial standards)
  • Versatile executions – rack mounted modules, rail mounted modules
  • No need for cabling - solar power supported; multiple wireless interfaces supported

Full Control

  • Enables full local control over system modules - access point to end units which are usually not easy to approach
  • Facilitates system maintenance - point of control in the system

Simple to Maintain

  • Quick plug & play module replacement - less than 2 minutes
  • Minimum number of different spare parts interchangeable between all Telegra controllers
  • Spare parts interchangeable with other Telegra equipment