References & Case Studies

Global presence in more than 35 countries* with over 150 complete ITS projects implemented in cooperation with our Partners.

  •  Length of highways: > 5.000 km,
  •  Length of tunnel tubes: > 200 km,
  •  Number of Traffic Control Centers: > 50,
  •  Dynamic Message Signs: > 15.000,
  •  Automatic Video Incident Detection locations: > 800,
  •  Toll Lanes: > 300,
  •  Emergency Road Telephones: > 2.600,
  •  Automatic Vehicle Classifiers: > 250,
  •  Roadside Controllers: > 2.200,
  •  Weather Stations: > 170,
  • Traffic Counters: > 3.100.

*Some of the clients that use our solutions: Caltrans, WSDOT, Virginia DOT (US); Avtodor, WHSD St Petersburg (Russia); Traffikverket (Sweden); FINRRA (Finland); Statens Vegvesen (Norway); Asfinag (Austria); German State Authorities; Asghal (Qatar); RTA Dubai; CNADNR (Romania); ADM (Morocco); Capufe (Mexico); L&T IDPL, ITNL, Ramky, NHAI (India); HAC, AZM, ARZ (Croatia); DARS (Slovenia); SANRAL (South Africa), Strabag, Egis, etc.

Summary of References



UAE - Software platform for Abu Dhabi Integrated Transport Centre

USA - Changeable message sign system on state highway in San Diego county at various locations

GREECE - tXv Case Study IMMS

USA - Caldecott tunnel ATMS

ISRAEL - X-AID Case Study IL Bus Lane

NORWAY - X-AID Case Study Floyfjell Tunnel

RUSSIA - X-AID Case Study M4

RUSSIA - Traffic Management System Project

USA - I80

NORWAY - Ringveg Vest Bergen

USA - Harris County

CROATIA - National ITS

DENMARK - Nextgen Signs Project

Detailed case studies are available on request.

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