Telegra equipped 3 tunnels in downtown Istanbul: Kağıthane-Piyalepaşa (3186 m long), Dolmabahçe-Bomonti  (2390 m) and Sarıyer-Çayırbaşı (4020 m). Scope included various ITS equipment as well as topXview™ Complete ITS Platform that run in the main control center as well as in the tunnel sub‐centers. topXview™ traffic management software unifies Traffic Tunnel Management software and electromechanical tunnel SCADA and operates and monitors all subsystems in the tunnel: from ventilation to video based automatic incident detection. The main control center contains video wall that enables fast overview of traffic situation in the tunnels. The project implemented an extensive catalogue of complete ITS platform based automatic response plans according to the predefined algorithms that include all subsystems in the tunnel.