Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)

The cost of congestion in the USA, caused by traffic jams and incidents, is over $150 billion and is expected to be over $200 billion by 2020. Traffic infrastructure has its limits. The responsibilities of traffic agencies are increasing. The only way to challenge this problem is to use ATMS and actively manage incidents and traffic flow.

For more than 20 years Telegra ATMS is being used by traffic managers to fight congestion and incident management problems. It is indispensable traffic and safety management tool in more than 100 traffic control centers worldwide, managing traffic of millions of vehicles, on more than 3,000 miles of highways, bridges and tunnels. These numbers are constantly growing.

Customized for each control center, the System supports traffic control center managers in their operations. It links their traffic and incident management process (surveillance, detection, decision making, incident and active traffic management strategies) with executive actions on ITS assets (informing travelers).

  • All-in-one ATMS – advisor, integrator and supplier – one company
  • Physical, operational and institutional integration between assets, processes and stakeholders
  • Supports hierarchical Agency-wide and State-wide ATMS
  • Enables completely uniform and automated management of all incidents and events on the entire network 
  • Traffic and safety management strategies
    • Active traffic management (ATM) and Traffic Incident Management (TIM)
    • Planned Special Events, Work Zone and Road Weather Management
    • Active Parking Management (APM)
  • Includes tools for strategies design and real-time simulation
  • Ergonomic traffic network visualization
  • Embedded CCTV management, recording and Automatic Video Incident Detection (AVID)
  • Built-in incident detection algorithms
  • Native support for Connected Vehicles (CV) program (patent pending technology)
  • Plug-in interfaces toward most of the existing ITS/ATMS field systems and urban traffic control systems
  • Works in cloud and virtual environment, with all existing video wall manufacturers

The system consists of topXviewTM ATMS software and customizable set of subsystems. It integrates data from all kinds of sensors and traffic devices and evaluates them, turning them into the useful information about the traffic flow, ergonomically presented to traffic managers. The system then helps traffic managers, by supporting their decision making, suggesting them most appropriate strategies for resolving events and incidents, and transferring executional commands to active elements of the system.

It can be implemented on new and existing ITS infrastructure.


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