Integrated Tunnel Management System

Tunnels managed with Telegra tunnel systems are award-winning as the safest European tunnels by ADAC and EuroTAP's assessment programs.

These physically and functionally integrated tunnel traffic and incident management systems are one-stop-shop solution for tunnel contractors and authorities responsible for tunnel traffic management and tunnel safety.

Telegra's expertise includes:

  • Experience gathered in more than 120 miles (200 km) of tunnels implemented worldwide
  • Support for design of tunnel subsystems
  • Factory integration, configuration, system testing and delivery of integrated tunnel management system (ATMS/SCADA Software, Control Centre HW, Fire detection, AVID, CCTV, PLC, Air Quality, Ventilation, DMS / VMS, Controllers, Emergency Telephones, Public Announcement, etc)
  • Support for field installations, commissioning and acceptance testing
  • Operation and maintenance documentation and training
  • Through-life maintenance support

Commonly implemented tunnel subsystems are: Fire Detection Systems, Video Incident Detection Systems, Video Surveillance (CCTV) Systems, Air Quality Measurement and Ventilation, Traffic Management Systems, Emergency call and Public Announcement Systems, etc.

All these systems are interfaced and centrally managed from tunnel control centers. Key factors for achieving prompt incident detection and immediate system response are functional integration and implementation of safety procedures.

The number and importance of the tunnels in traffic networks is constantly growing, especially in the cities and large urban areas. The consequences of tunnel incidents can be fatal. The responsibilities of tunnel authorities are more serious today than ever. Today's tunnel safety standards require prompt detection of incidents and immediate response of safety systems to prevent incident escalation, minimize the number of casualties and reduce damages.

Telegra’s physically and functionally integrated tunnel system, based on topXviewTM ATMS/SCADA software platform, helps tunnel managers in their work, combining tunnel ATMS and SCADA in one integrated system with preprogrammed safety procedures (safety response plans).


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