Traffic Video Analysis System / Video Automatic Incident Detection

CCTV systems are the most widely used traffic monitoring systems in the world. And yet, the analysis of hundreds of simultaneous streams is still being done by operators. The systems for video analytics that have been used in the past are considered as not reliable due to their high false alarm rate and rather low detection accuracy.

Is there accurate and smart video analytics available?

X-AID™ allows Agencies to extract useful information about disturbances, incidents and traffic conditions from their CCTV infrastructure (new or existing) without additional investment in infrastructure or personnel at the control center.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies are used to perform incident detection and classification in real traffic environment. Verified in comparative tests in realistic conditions (all weather conditions, bad illumination, poor video streams ...), X-AID™ outperforms traditional systems in all important performance parameters (up to 3x better detection, up to 4x lower false alarms rate, and up to 2x better counting and classification accuracy). That way, it finally meets needs and expectations of Traffic Agencies on systems for video analytics.

  • Now, relying on X-AID™, Agencies can:
    • Prevent traffic accidents (e.g. by alerting on stopped vehicle, debris or pedestrians on traffic lanes),
    • Promptly respond to an accident and that way minimize possibilities of injuries, victims, damage, secondary accidents or Agency's potential liability for not responding properly


Available with incident management ion and decision support system

X-AID™ system is also available as a complete incident detection and decision support system for Agency's incident management process:

  • Detects all (potentially) dangerous traffic disturbances or incidents (traffic jam, trash, pedestrian, collision, wrong direction, ...)
  • Smartly classifies and evaluates detected disruption or incidents based on Agency Rules
  • Immediately visualizes an incident to the operator and records alarm videos (before and after the incident)
  • Serves as the decision support system to the operator by automatically providing customized, interactive, operational procedure based on Agency's standard incident management procedures for each detected incident (including communication with other stakeholders)
  • Automatically creates complete incident reports
  • Automatically notifies public by sending incident information to any of the Agency's communication channels (Web, 112/511, etc.)


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