Automatic Video Incident Detection (AVID) and Traffic Analysis System

Although highways, tunnels and bridges are well covered with CCTV systems, traditional AVID systems that have been present in the market for the last 20 years have never been considered as reliable tools for video incident detection, due to large percentage of false alarms and poor accuracy in detection of real incidents.

In tunnel environment, in case of accidents, fast detection can save human lives.

Telegra System, based on XAIDTM Artificial Intelligence Software Technology performs up to 70% more reliable than traditional AVID systems. It helps traffic managers in fast and accurate identification of traffic incidents and analysis of traffic flow from their CCTV streams:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms – 70% improved accuracy and reduced false alarms rate comparing to traditional technologies
  • Unaffected by camera shaking and low visibility
  • Works with high noise video
  • For tunnels, roads, bridges and intersections
  • For existing infrastructure - works with most of the existing CCTV streams and coding standards
  • Applicable in parallel to existing ATMS / CCTV / ICM systems
  • Operates as self-standing system or as a part of Telegra’s topXviewTM ATMS / ICM / SCADA system
  • Detects traffic incidents, irregularities and violations
  • Performs traffic Analysis, Counting and Classification

Even though today's highways are equipped with variety of high-tech sensors that superbly depict current traffic situations at any given time, a picture from a live video feed is, after all, worth a thousand words. Therefore, CCTV camera surveillance systems are the most widely spread systems, located on all strategical locations of traffic network. Dozens and hundreds of CCTV streams are continuously collected in Traffic Control Centers (TCC). 

This data must be processed to make it useful for Traffic and Incident Management. Automatic Video Incident Detection and Video Traffic Analysis systems are analyzing CCTV streams. This real-time video processing allows for immediate detection of traffic incidents, congestion, irregularities and traffic flow analysis, which is the key factor of incident management and active traffic management.

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