TollWay™ Tolling System

The circumstances in developing countries often present huge challenges for owners of tolling systems:

  • Imperfect infrastructure (frequent power and communication failures)
  • Huge traffic jams on plazas
  • Risk of frauds by both operating personnel and users
  • Frequent change of tolling rates and classes
  • Constantly evolving payment methods, etc.

Telegra’s TollwayTM Tolling System addresses expectations of such owners, concessionaires and authorities, who want to have full control and ownership over toll collection on their roads, bridges or tunnels.

Works on available infrastructure

  • Local storage of all transactions
  • Synchronization of transaction data upon reestablishment of power and communication with central system

Fraud preventing system

  • Strong security mechanisms implemented at all system levels - keeps data safe and minimizes fraud possibilityAuditing tools available at the plaza and central level - ability to monitor all transactions in real-time, check for data completeness, monitor user actions and generate comprehensive reports from central database
  • Pre- and Post- vehicle classification system with 99,6% accuracy and classes of vehicles configurable by the system owner – full and independent control mechanism for tolling process
  • Safe transactions – bank standards for transactions; alarm on any unexpected behavior on the toll lane; reports with inspection of financial data consistency

Enables ownership without vendor lock-in, simple to operate and manage

  • Comprehensive configuration and parametrization capability at central and plaza level - owner adds method of payment, defines and designs payment receipt, defines Toll Fare Table, does parametrization of video and photo capture parameters in connection with lane events, defines incident rules: incident itself, incident resolving actions
  • Custom report generator - unlimited freedom and possibilities for report generation, possibilities for traffic and revenue trend analysis in form of text and graph, no additional cost to the vendor for new report requirement.  
  • Intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI) for operation personnel
  • Simple account management - web based self-registering and payment, SMS – based payment

Easy to deploy, robust and flexible system

  • Owner can provide own lane and computing hardware
  • Delivered factory configured and tested for specific project configuration
  • Verified in most challenging environments (environmental, operation and fraud-attempt)
  • Simple upgrade of system for usage of electronic payment

Supports all configurations of tolling system

  • Open (mainline barrier toll plazas); closed (entry/exit tolls) and open road (no toll booths, only electronic toll collection gantries)
  • Manual payment (cash, pre-paid, credit-card) and electronic payment (DSRC and RFID)
  • Lane level; plaza level; central system level; clearing house level

Complements other tolling and ITS systems

  • ATMS plug-in – interconnects with ATMS for information dissemination, violation detection and enforcement purposes
  • Clearing house plug-in – easily becomes part of national, regional or concessionaire tolling network


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