topXview BASE™

topXviewBASE is a subset of topXview™, designed to provide maximum of ATMS functionality to Clients who do not have executive ATMS elements (such as DMS/VMS) in their systems. It uses available inputs (usually only video feeds and crowdsourced traffic data) and can be implemented quickly, without new investments.

It is a software platform for traffic control centers that uses advanced data collection and processing technologies such as AI, Data Fusion, Big Data analytics and Cloud computing for retrieval, analysis, storage, and visualization of traffic information, performing traffic management and resolving of traffic events and incidents.

  • Easy to implement – does not require any new field infrastructure
  • Information sources are existing agency’s CCTV network and various available data sources such as floating cars, crowdsourcing, public services (511, Transit service, …) and others
  • Enables traffic monitoring, detection of incidents (including various traffic anomalies), incident management, driver and public notification (safety management, traffic management, maintenance)
  • Designed for easy upgrade with upcoming technologies (CV, V2X, AV)
  • Practical for integration of related subsystems – base for Smart City traffic management

AI Based Real-Time Video Analysis


Hundreds and thousands of video cameras are providing real-time video feeds to traffic control centers worldwide. This video contains millions of data about traffic and incidents, but because it is not analysed in real-time, most of this information remains hidden for traffic management agencies.

topXviewBASE real-time viseo analytics makes full use of available viseo feeds:

  • Deep learning technology assures exceptional detection rate and negligible false alarm rate for incidents detection, vehicle counting and classification
  • Rule based alarm management (smart alarms)
  • Traffic analysis – Level of service (LOS), occupancy, headway, gap etc.
  • Big Data collection (e.g. acquiring of multiple vehicle attributes (colour, shape, class, direction, speed etc.)
  • Overlay recording
  • Post-analytics on recorded videos
  • Complete video management

Data Fusion and Big Data Analytics

  • Integrates all available data sources, such as video analytics, floating car data, crowdsourcing, or information from public systems such as 511
  • Collected data is being standardized, filtered and unified
  • AI-based data analytics correlates fused information with context (e.g. location, time, experiential knowledge, history data) and intelligently generates real and relevant information about traffic anomalies, trends, and statistics
  • Provides near-real-time views of multiple configurable key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Performs traffic analytics – travel time and level of service calculation based on video analytics

Incident Management and Decision Support System

  • HMI – map with visualization of assets and events
  • Integration with first responder services
  • Event/Incident management
  • Alarm editor – rule-based alarm qualification tool
  • Prediction of how detected incident will affect ongoing traffic
  • Response plan design tool
  • Extensive reporting system
  • Integration with public web

Asset Management

  • Own asset management – fault and maintenance management
  • Integration of existing agency’s 3rd party asset management

Smartphone Apps

  • Apps for public use – personalized information sharing and CV
  • Apps for agency’s own maintenance crews